ID This Gate-Crashing SUV And Help A Widow

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I'll admit, I don't really understand the motivation behind what's happening here, but it sure seems alarming. Twice a man in an SUV or camper-topped truck has driven through an elderly woman's security gate and damaged her property, making her feel vulnerable and frightened. Let's try and ID this vehicle.


I'm just going to quote what we received about this:

My father recently passed away (January) after a long one-year battle with kidney cancer. I feel like I've lost the "heart" of my family and we're left feeling shattered.

Flash-forward one month to early March... Some douchebag drives his car through my mom's security gate to access her property... he bashes in one of the lights by her water pump, then drives through yet another gate that access a back road at the end of our lot. My mom (who was already feeling vulnerable) is all alone out on her 7 acre plot, and now doesn't even feel safe in her own home during her bereavement away from work to grieve.

Flash forward to last Friday, April 7th. Douchebag does it AGAIN. I drove up there two weeks prior to fix the gates and install a trail camera... and YES... we caught the guy on video this time.

Here's where we need your help... we cannot for the life of us identify this vehicle. We're thinking maybe a Ford Explorer, a Chevy S10, a Ford Ranger with a cap. Something along those lines. I've heard Jalopnik is the place to go with situations like these and I would GREATLY appreciate a featured article to help us find the guy.

I'm worried about my mom, like I said she's all alone and if this guy decides to get brave and head towards her house I don't know what I'd do if he harmed her or made her feel threatened.


The quality of the video is pretty bad, and the glare from the lights makes identifying the shapes pretty difficult. I don't think it's an Explorer, since the Explorer mounts its license plate on the tailgate, and this one's in the bumper. There also appears to be a tow hitch as well.

It could be a Ranger, or a Blazer, though. And I'd say it's pretty definitely a late 90s/early 2000s car, too. But it's tricky to be certain. Anyone have any insight here? I'm sure anything could help.

As always, thanks for helping, everybody.

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He read about your father dying in the obits, and found out you have property, then he bashed in the gate to get to that property, and put out the light by the water pump, so he could have access to your water.

Sounds like a coyote marijuana grower to me.

Call the local narcotics officer at your sheriff's office, and get some forensics. You may have a more dangerous situation on your hands than you realize.