ICON's $350,000 Land Rover Defender Is Not A Fashion Item

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ICON’s Defender is certainly fancier than Land Rover’s now discontinued original, but company founder Jonathan Ward doesn’t want it to be a fashion item.


There are many companies out there who will turn your Land Rover Defender into something more capable, comfortable or even flashier, and as long as you’re in Europe, I would say UK’s Twisted Automotive is the one to call.


On the other side of the water, there’s Jonathan Ward’s ICON—who might be most famous for their Toyota FJ and Ford Bronco conversions. But they will also throw an LS into Land Rover’s finest if you have the means, changing a whole bunch of other details in the process to make yours the best Defender in California. Or anywhere else.

Though $350,000 may be a steep figure, Gear Patrol has more on what you get for your money:

I would settle for a short wheelbase Heritage Edition with a lousy Land Rover diesel.

Photo credit: Gear Patrol


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While I like ICON's ambition, I wish there was a company making versions of these off roaders for $18,000. I'm thinking a company that would buy used 25 year old vehicles and resto/mod them using modern parts where needed. (No added AC or other crap. Just the basics.)