These Guys Build Land Rover Defenders With Corvette Engines

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Twisted Automotive is to Land Rover Defenders what Singer is to air-cooled Porsches. Once you've seen their products, only slightly twisted Defenders will do. With an LS3.


Charles Fawcett came from a Land Rover loving family, started his automotive career with a beaten Series 3 Land Rover with a terrible misfire and that rust bucket had enough charm to get him hooked on these brutally honest off-roaders forever.

Defenders haven't really changed since the introduction of the 90 and 110 in 1983 and in the last three decades, some of them also left the factory with a screwdriver left under the bonnet or loose bolts jammed under their carpet. Twisted uses brand new cars that are immediately taken apart again and upgraded with the suspension, engine and comfort upgrades the customer specified. The results are Defenders ready to conquer this century.


Sometimes, Twisted builds one-offs as well, like a 110 with a 520 horsepower LS3 conversion. It's not impossible to make Defenders faster, but since the V8 is 400 hp more powerful than the stock engine, creating such a car "takes bit of an engineering". Yet the upgraded car is still a Defender, so it won't insult anyone parked on the street unlike let's say a Mercedes G500 4x4². It really is the best of both worlds.

Land Rover will stop making the Defender this December, but Twisted has a big enough stock to continue building T40s, T60s and T80s for another three years. After that, who knows? Twisted might just make its own car. If the upcoming new Defender will be softer than it should be, there will be demand for a worthy successor...

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Land-Rover Matt

Now if I were Mr Twisted then I'd want to get this over to the US, the big market place for expensive Defenders with V8s.