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I Was Born In 1989, What Is The Most '80s Car?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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In 2021, I am what you would consider an older millennial. I have no recollection of what cars in the ’80s were like, having been born at the end of that decade and growing up around machines mostly from the early to mid-90s.

By the time I was old enough to start choosing my favorites out on the road, the cars of the Reagan years were less prevalent and the rounder designs of the Clinton years were beginning to take over. I know that many early ’90s cars were holdovers from the ’80s, designs that carried over from the middle and tail end of those years and were still stomping around when I fell in love with cars.


But I don’t have anywhere close to a full purview of that decade. I need help from you readers, the folks who have firsthand knowledge and a fierce opinion of which car was truly the most ’80s car around.

Is it something like the Buick Grand National GNX, which I am partial to despite not really being a big fan of American muscle cars? I just love the Buick’s headlights and wide grille. Its blacked-out visage reads like a warning not to tussle with that forced-induction V6 under the hood.


Or is it something more German and colorful like the Porsche 911 Carrera? That beloved car had awesome factory paint and the neat accordion section on its bumper. Of course, it could be something even more opulent than that, a car that represents even more prosperity than a Porsche 911 and more vehicular excess than the Buick GNX.

Is it something like the cars from Miami Vice? Which is a show I’ve only ever known about from references to Don Johnson and his oversize sport jackets. That old show featured a white Ferrari Testarossa, which I know next to nothing about other than maybe it’s the car that Frank Ocean refers to when he sings about a white Ferrari.

I don’t know! I have no idea what I’m missing here. So, I’m turning it over to you: What car is the most ’80s car?