I Wanna Climb Up Every Mountain on the Moon: Nissan's Terranaut Concept to Bow at Geneva

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Hit the bong and pound the Red Bull, brah, because Nissan's going over the mountain with its Terranaut Concept, due to drop at the Geneva show in just over a month. Designed as a mobile scientific research lab, our favorite feature of the Terranaut is the wacky dual-purpose tire system. According to the Nissans:

Puncture proof, they function as conventional road tyres when the vehicle is being driven on metalled roads but, by changing air pressure, transform themselves into chunky off-road tyres.


Well of course the damn thing's designed for metalled roads. Geezer Butler would have it no other way, chumps.

Nissan at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show [Dubspeed]

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