I See Nothing Wrong With This Celica-Based Ferrari F430 Replica

Source: Craigslist

Ferraris are far too expensive for a normal person to own, right? What if I told you that you could own your very own “Ferrari” “F430” “Scuderia” (winking aggressively) for the price of a well-pptioned Honda Civic? Before you press the panic button on your car keys, check out this Craigslist post for a Ferrari F430 Scuderia replica based on a Toyota Celica.

This “Celicarri” is a fiberglass replica shell of an F430 sitting on the frame of a Celica GT. This car should have the best of both worlds. It has all the styling of an Italian sports car with the reliability of a Japanese car. I’ll let the seller speak for themselves about the car’s benefits:

“Easy to maintain and service, no need to Google where is the service center for exotic cars and pay several grands for a oil change or regular service. Also it is as reliable as a Toyota should be. If you are a car enthusiast like me, you should probably know that a Toyota Sport car is more tunnerbale or modifiable than a Ferrari. I don’t think even a 458 can out run a 2jz supra.”


The paint on the Ferrarica was planned to be a brilliant red, but is just primer at this point as the seller moved on to a different project car. The interior needs to be sorted out as the seats are listed as “NOT MOUNTED.”

As a bonus, the Toyarri (Celerria?) includes all the Ferrari badges and lettering that are sure to make this Italian-Japanese replica stand out in a crowd (for better or worse.) It even has, the seller claims, a real Ferrari engine cover under the rear hatch and “If you can manage to get a real Ferrari dashboard, no one’s gonna tell it’s a replica.”

I see nothing wrong with this. Buy it immediately, someone!


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