I picked this 1978 Plymouth for Today’s blip because this is one of the very few times I know exactly where a car brochure picture was shot, and I’ve been there, many times. That’s the little kiddie railway station at Griffith Park in LA; I used to live like five minutes away, and took my kid there plenty. They normally don’t let you park there, and, even if they did, I think this dude’s confused. Don’t take your luggage on the tiny train, sir. Here’s a tip: if you can straddle the train car, it’s probably not going to take you to Fresno.


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That has aged...surprisingly well. The stacked rectangular headlights of that era were hideous in most applications, but they kinda work here. And a clean, understated use of Mopar coke bottle styling. Points off for the vinyl top. I hated vinyl tops.