Witness The Terrible Aftermath Of The Worst Burnout Ever

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Even mighty old-school American trucks wuss out once in awhile.

This 1971 GMC pickup isn’t exactly a car-show queen (is that glove compartment made from a beer case?) but it looks pretty solid through the grainy lens of a cell phone camera.


Until the driver attempts a burnout, and learns immediately that the truck isn’t up to the task.

The person who sent this to us says the truck blew a u-bolt. Basically, the driveshaft was working a little too hard against too much resistance and simply wasn’t having it.

The result is a hilarious, heartbreakingly pathetic attempt at a burnout. (At least there’s great potential for turning this into a meme!)

The rest of the video takes you under the truck, which is just kind of a bummer. But let this serve as a reminder to those of you keen on mashing two pedals at once; you’re killing more than just your tires.


Consider yourself warned!


Hat tip to Cam!

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