Photo: Ford

I know Ford’s been talking about bringing America a new Ranger and a new “Maverick,” only now as a truck based on the Bronco Sport, but what I really want is a truck like this, an Australian South American Ford Pampa. I mean, the name even evokes Pampers, the toughest thing any American can imagine! If only I knew what year this one was from.


CORRECTION: This is a South American market car, not an Australian one. It was early, and once I got south of the Equator I just kinda lost my shit. Sorry.

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I... don’t think that’s Australian, I mean, it does look like a Falcon ute; but it looks like the wheel is on the left side of the car - no? I’m getting more of a South American vibe from this thing.

Also I don’t think anywhere in Australia was using 7-character license plates in 1995...