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I Hid A Little Car In LA. Want To Find It?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When I was in LA for the LA auto show, I spent a bit of time driving around my former home, since I still love to be there. One night while driving, I decided to leave a little surprise for my LA-area friends: a model car, hidden somewhere in the city. Who wants to find it?


Now, I'm not going to just tell you where the car is, because, come on, where's the fun in that? And I'm not even going to tell what kind of model car I hid, since that information will be how I verify you actually found it. Well, that, and I'm assuming you'll send a picture.

I'm going to tell you where it is in the most convoluted way I can, and I'll try to keep the allusions and metaphors as car-oriented as possible. Sound good? Here's the clues — I'm sure you'll be bright enough to figure this out:

The general area the car is hidden in is quite close to where a well-known conversation about toe-acquisition occurred. More specifically, the car is in an area that's associated with someone who's connected to these three things at one time: a VW Beetle, an ancient Roman practice, and a heavy load.


Closer to our target, you'll find a group of common background objects from LA's rich history of Noir films. You'll want to surround yourself with these objects. Once surrounded, think about a couple of things at once: the man Terry Gilliam's friends once called a drunken fart, and the engine displacement of the V6 that replaced the Isuzu Rodeo's LG6 engine. Oh, and while you're doing that, remember that there is nothing on the Northwest corner.

Once that all makes sense, just check to see that Philip's not home, put on a rubber glove, and open the door.

You should then have the car.

Good luck! Feel free to discuss these clues in the comments!