"I came out and a bear was crapping in my car and drinking my beer..."

As if it's not bad enough to come outside and find a bear sitting shotgun in your Volkswagen Jetta, to then find out the bear spent his time defecating in your Jetta really is the crap icing on the cake.


One has to imagine it's not easy for a bear to get inside a car, right? I mean, the not having opposable thumbs thing might make things a touch more difficult. So how'd the bear get inside? Here's what the Jetta's owner has to say over on Reddit:

"I live on a ranch where there are lots of bears...there was one that learned how to open open door handles. It got in and the wind must have shut the door, it got into 3 other peoples cars before getting shut in mine. it drank 4 beers, ate a bottle of mallox, and crapped all over the place."

Yeah, Maalox and beer'll do that to you. Especially when you have to sleep upright in a car overnight. (Thanks to Ben!)


Photo Credit: zthomasri


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