I Am So Down For This Brand New Audi Allroad In Metallic Green

I think we have confidently established two things here on Jalopnik. The first is that wagons are good, and the second is that green cars are also good. Therefore a logical conclusion would follow that a green wagon is extra good. If you are looking for such a ride, a dealer in California has one of the most unique Audi Allroads I’ve ever seen.


It’s unfortunate that Americans don’t buy wagons, and it seems that most of the really nice longroofs tend to be on the pricey side like the Volvo V60 and V90, Mercedes E-Class, and Jaguar XF Sportbrake. BMW has decided to opt-out of the wagon market with the new 3 Series, but Audi will gladly sell you an A4 Allroad, which is essentially a lifted Avant.

But I am happy to say that as a professional car shopper I have gotten at least some recent requests to find a nice new or lightly used luxury wagon. So there are buyers out there, and those folks should be aware of what is surely a super rare Allroad with a factory metallic green paint.

Walters Audi in Riverside California is currently listing a 2019 Audi Allroad Premium Plus that looks fantastic:


The actual color is not listed it only says “Audi Exclusive Paint,” which by the way is a $3,900 option according to the configurator. However, it does seem very close to the Sonoma Green Metallic available on the substantially more expensive RS5.


While 60 large is a hefty amount of money to spend on a car like this, I will say that just because wagon buyers are practical, it doesn’t mean they need to be rational. Go green. You’ll be glad you did.

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