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I Am Extremely Here For This RWD Honda Prelude With a Turbo Mercedes Engine

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

More and more old, light, reasonably modern rear-wheel-drive cars on the used market are ending up trashed, crashed, and rusted out. What is a car enthusiast to do? Convert a different old, light reasonably modern front-wheel-drive car to shred at the back.


The car in question is a next-to-last-gen Honda Prelude, spotted by the Hoonigan crew on a recent trip out to Poland.

The job of getting the power to the rear is done by Opel parts. The rear end is from an Opel Omega B, the generation of family sedan that we got here as, uh, the Cadillac Catera. The same is true of the front and rear subframes (the cradles that everything bolts up to), while the front coilovers are from some Opel Vectra. Everything else, evidenced by the state of the builder’s hands, is custom.


The engine is one of Mercedes’ supercharged four-cylinders, which one is not mentioned, but it is turbo’d instead of blown, good for somewhere around 200 horsepower. Perfect for a little Prelude, which weighed about 2,800 pounds stock.

I don’t know if we’ll see more of this in the future as all 240SXs get crashed, but I like it either way.