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Hyundai DUB Equus: Ain't Nothin' In Life But To Be Legit

Illustration for article titled Hyundai DUB Equus: Aint Nothin In Life But To Be Legit

Give Hyundai credit: they try hard and they spend lots of money. The new Hyundai Equus is giant, luxurious, and relatively cheap. The Equus DUB Concept, though, is simultaneously trying too hard and not trying at all.


DUB does what it does best with the Equus: wagon wheels, 8-bit mesh grille, you'll-never-see-me tint, and a blend of gloss and matte paint. It doesn't look bad and, perhaps, the people at SEMA will stop and respect the toned-down aesthetic. Although, do people who go to SEMA appreciate toned-down? Do people who read DUB buy Hyundais? Hyundai doesn't have cred yet. Not in that way.


You know who Hyundai has cred with? Value buyers. People who test drive a Camry, realize despite the name it's crap, and then go get into a Sonata and realize for the same price they can have a lot more. This car has cred with accountants, bean counters, office managers. There's no harm in getting DUB to customize this car. None at all. Good for them.

But you know who Hyundai should have gotten to build a customized Equus? Contingencies, which is, I shit you not, the official magazine of the American Academy of Actuaries. It would look just like a regular Equus but come with exactly the amount of insurance you'd need, there would be a nice survival kit in the trunk, and the iPad in the glovebox would be replaced with a calculator and a tablet of graphing paper.


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THIS is how you DUB in Korean.