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Hyundai Desperately Wants Street Cred

Illustration for article titled Hyundai Desperately Wants Street Cred

Yes, this is a Hyundai Equus luxury sedan with manufacturer plates and a wing ripped straight off a B16 Civic. It's not a joke. Hyundai'll do anything for performance cred.


This photo was sent into AutoBlog and they've made a joke about Rhys Millen replacing his Pikes Peak-racing Genesis coupe with this luxobarge. Yeah, probably not, right? Wrong. It's obvious this is a production test unit because Hyundai wants to take over the automotive world. All of it.


In addition to buying a million Super Bowl ads and a billion Oscar commercials the company has long sought out tuners for their vehicles including numerous SEMA, Genesis show cars.

In fact, back in 2007 Hyundai execs apparently approached RENNtech's Hartmut Feyhl with an eye towards establishing an AMG-like relationship with the tuner (Feyhl was former AMG Tech Director). So even if this particular car+spoiler photo is just routine high-speed testing or a joke to play on Autoblog, there's nothing funny about the way Hyundai wants to buy its way into the forefront of everything automotive. And yes, that includes performance cars.

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Jonathan Harper

That wing adds easily...what...2, 3 hundred horsepower?

I think so. That bad bitch must go like 400 mph.