Hybrid Mini Cooper Heading To LA Auto Show?

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According to Car Magazine, they've shot pictures of a test mule for a forthcoming Mini Cooper hybrid. Along with the shots, they've also got a dose of scheduling speculation to go with it. They think the vehicle is scheduled for an LA Auto Show unveiling by BMW boss man Norbert Reithofer and the nil-emissions Mini will go on sale in California first. But how can they tell it’s electric? Well, it’s got big “Hybrid Test Vehicle” stickers slapped all over it. Although you’d think they’d disguise the top-secret powerplant a bit better, the brand's got a history of thumbing its nose at the car paparazzi. Then there’s the complete and utter lack of any exhaust pipes. Oh, and the plug-shaped patch on the grille. Not much else is known, but, according to the magazine, a BMW insider did hint strongly that the use of the front-drive Mini over a RWD BMW is somehow significant. [via Car Magazine]