Husband 'Fixes' Pedals So His Short Wife Can Drive Stick

Reddit user Nizidramaniiyt's wife asked him for a manual, but found out she was too short to work the pedals. That's when he devised this "fix" to mount wooden blocks in the pedals themselves.

Wooden blocks are cranked down by screws on "beef[y] metal backing plates" adding about three-quarters of an inch to their reach.


While the system is legal since the driver's state has no inspections, Jalopnik's Official Mechanical Consult described the system as "kinda ghetto."

The more traditional solution is to tape wooden blocks to your own shoes, but that makes walking around after exiting the vehicle difficult.

This blocks-in-the-pedals hack doesn't look extraordinarily safe, and we doubt the Missus would be happy if the block on the brake pedal slipped out (this hasn't happened in a year!) while she was on the highway.

Photo Credit: Nizidramaniiyt/Reddit

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