Hundreds Of Bikers Shut Down An LA Freeway So One Of Them Can Propose

Love. It makes you do crazy things, like follow a pop star on tour across 50 different cities because you're sure that she's actually singing to you, even if your stupid psychiatrist says she isn't, and you need to tell her how much you love her, no matter what the stupid police tell you with their dumb restraining orders.


What were we talking about again? Oh yes. Love. It even makes a horde of bikers shut down a freeway in Los Angeles so one of their number can propose to his lady friend amid some hot pink burnout smoke. Fellas, take note — besides proposing at a baseball game, this is about the most romantic move you can ever pull off. Every little girl's dream, right here.

Yes, what we have here today is a more romantic, two-wheeled version of what happened in Oakland over the weekend, where a few wannabe drifters and their friends shut down an Oakland freeway for some hot, illegal, stupid donut action. I have to wonder if 4chan will go after them too.

What is it with you Californians? The highways are for everyone, not just you and your moron friends.

(Hat tip to $kaycog!)


Well, time to assassinate myself in front of all the jalops out there, but....

THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! I completely support this type of thing! Two wheels bad - yes, lame pink smoke - yes, dubstep bad - yes, and a minor inconvenience to a hundred or so normal 4 wheel using Angelinos - yes. But this is the definition, the manifestation of "Drive free or die!" If you're still with me, allow me to defend my point. And by doing so I am putting the mirror up in front of us all.

Flashback a few days to Oakland & ATL last year. A bunch of hoons shut down a freeway so they can do doughnuts. And yes, they were hoons b/c they had one of the most jalop S platforms spinning around with them. A true hoon-mobile for only those who understand hooning. I propose this to you - Hardigee, Spinelli, Torch, PG, BP, Wert, and all the rest of the Jalops who are reading this as I flambe myself before you - what would you have done if you saw this unfold before your eyes? I tell you what you would do - you wouldn't stop to dial 9-1-1. You would be out of the car with your iPhones, Androids and GoPros filming like maniacs!!! I know I would. We would all be hooting and hollering at the hooning before you!!! Yeah sure, after the parties involved fled you might reflect and reconsider your own actions, and in reprisal to your own earlier excitement you may then denounce these brave and brilliant hoons. But in the back of your minds... you're thinking... "fuckin' sweet."

And this is why!!! This is DRIVE FREE!!! This is by far the extremes of the Driving Free Ethos, but what happens when the day comes that this type of activity isn't possible anymore due to constant traffic cameras spying and recording our every slight infraction of the speed limit! That is fascism my friends - its what the whole hip world would be into had the Nazi won the war! The day hoons can no longer pull this shit off with a reasonable ability to escape the authorities is the day we all lose our freedom to Drive Free, and might as well just drive 140mph into a guard rail because face it... our lives would be over.

And don't give me the righteously indignant bullshit that this was dangerous!!! Police do this crap all the time - especially in LA. It's called a high speed pursuit. Its called a Rolling Roadblock!!! Its like a sport of sorts in the City of Angels.

And finally, at the risk of incurring this wraith of Anonymous upon myself and Jalopnik, I have something to say about 4Chan's hunt to find these guys - "You are hunting the wrong people!" These guys are Hoon-ivists, just like Anonymous is Hack-tivists. They are fighting for the same cause, or at least displaying the same freedoms we all want to protect. In LA, Oakland, and ATL last year, these guys hacked a highway in a very similar method to Anonymous's preferred DoS attacks. Denied Service. Think about it. So 4Chan - go troll those pig fuckers in Ohio that raped that 16 year girl and bragged about it. Not these guys. These guys are winning!

There are more than winning - they are freedom fighters. We should applaud their actions because the roads are still free, some of the times.

(Author's Note - I will concede that if this was to become an epidemic, then we are all fucked. This type of crazy shit needs to be once in a blue moon.)