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Hummer H3T Proves Masculinity By Frolicking In Snow

Now that Truck Nuts are facing potential legislative banning, you're gonna need a new way to showcase your truck's high-testosterone factor. And the General has just the solution: the Hummer H3T. Nothing quite like scampering playfully through a snowy meadow to confirm your possession of hulking cojones. Note the inclusion of the badass butch-signifying bike in the bed, even though the bed is too short to accommodate all that badassness without dropping the tailgate.


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I you can get over the "Hummerness" I think they are going in the right direction if they want to try and salvage Hummer. They need to just make no excuses burly trucks that are utilitarian and cut back on the bling factor. They should take notes from Nissan's Utilitrack system and offer all kinds of tie-down and rack options. Mid-size four door trucks that can see real off road duty and haul my friends and their wet gear to and from the mountains and the beach are exactly what works for me. I would have to black it out and put a few dents in it...maybe mount a chain-gun to the hood.....