Truck Nuts to be Banned: Update

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On Tuesday, we told you that a State Delegate in Virginia was making plans to ban truck nuts. Now, details have emerged. Lionel Spruill introduced the bill on Tuesday under the pretext of safety, claiming that replicas of genitalia could distract drivers, causing accidents. He would like to see the display of truck nuts made a misdemeanor, punishable with a $250 fine.


Spruill decided to pursue the ban after a constituent complained about his young daughter seeing them. According to the Associated Press, Spruill said, "Sir, I'm going to be a laughingstock, but I'm going to do it."

He introduced the bill to the Virginia Assembly on Tuesday, undeterred by their past experience trying to ban baggy trousers, saying he planned to bring a set of the plastic nuts with him to prove his point, "I'm going to bring them out here and show them to you till they tell me to stop." [Via Yahoo!]


Jeff Glucker

@rawtoast: Don't get too excited... I have seen said Truck nuts here in Californa.

The Land of Fruit and Truck Nuts?

They show up on the random F-350 with the 12" lift, Fabtech shocks, Got Sand? sticker, towing the toyhauler with 4 ATVs stacked on the roof, and another smaller trailer with the jet-skis... typically the plate says "RVR RAT", "GOT RVR", "HB 2 AZ", or some other hilarious plate expounding on their love for a river and its culture...