How'd the Virginia DMV let this dirty license plate slip by?

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Virginia's Department of Motor Vehicles will punish a motorist who tries to "EAT THE Kids First," yet gives a thumbs up to those who "EA7" kids or someone who "SLAPS" them. But how does Virginia feel about the place, albeit, apparently, dirty, where the kids come from in the first place? They approve. UPDATE!


Proving once again that you can't lower the price of customized vanity plates to $10 and not expect rampant abuse, another Virginian has availed themselves of state-sanctioned alphanumerics and created this masterpiece.


We have no hate for this plate. Frankly, we agree. It's incredibly difficult to keep a Volkswagen-Audi Group (VAG) product clean. Especially the white ones.

UPDATE: Jason, the owner of the DIRTY VAG, kindly sent in a clearer picture next to his PSI WAGN. This guy loves VAG.

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This is like those bumper stickers that say stuff like "Spoiled" and "50% something, 50% something else, 100% BITCH." May as well just have a bumper sticker that says "I'M A CUNT" and be done w/ it.