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The Brazilian-made Ford-owned Troller T4 flaunts a dated look and basic appointments; but who cares about adaptive cruise control when you've got a 51º of approach angle? Take a pass at Troller's "Build Your Own" and show us how you'd set yours up.

As far as passenger trucks you can buy off-the-shelf, the Troller just might be the meanest off-road option on Earth. They're all powered by a 3.2 Duratorq five-cylinder diesel, which basically doubles as a boat engine as the Troller's rated for almost 32" of water fording depth. It can also drive on a tilt-angle of 40º, at which point you better have your cargo and confidence buttoned down properly.

I went for Green Maragogi, BFG Mud Terrain tires, and all the whole catalog of armor... at a sickening sticker of 111,690 Brazillian Real, about 44,000 USD. Yikes, I might have to stick with a souped-up Scout for now but I still wish the Troller was available Stateside.


Build your own right here and show us your setup!

Image via Troller