This Troller T4 Concept Is All Your Favorite Old-School SUVs, Plus Armor

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The Troller T4 is one of the coolest and most capable new SUVs on the world market. It's also got a short enough wheelbase to squeeze just about anywhere. So how could it possibly be improved? With heaping swaths of armor and LEDs, obviously.

Since Ford acquired the off-road outfit Troller for its Brazilian market in 2007, the Troller T4 has been the spiritual successor to the Bronco. With rough-n-tumble looks and mountain-goat moves to back them up it competes with off-road pickups, the Jeep Wrangler, and the Toyota FJ Cruiser (while it's still with us).


This special "Off-Road Rescue Concept" version has a winch, steel chest, a big beak of armor up front, mud terrain tires, uprated shocks and... an accompanying clothing line.

I've been told the Troller is kind of a piece of crap in the department of build quality, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself I give a damn because just I love the painfully dated styling that much. It's the Suzuki Samurai + Dodge Raider + Daihatsu Rocky with a dash of Toyota FJanything rolled into one delightful swag wagon. And besides; diesel manual!


The truck is being trotted out for the São Paulo Auto Show to exhibit "versatility of the new applications Troller T4 and highlight the functionality of the utility."

As Troller's main marketing woman Clara Freire divulges (translated from Brazilian Portuguese):

"The Troller is already developed vehicles for the Environmental Police and Fire Department. Now, we bring the theme of redemption on a concept that takes advantage of the characteristics of the vehicle. Also we have evolved with special off-road version that will be used as a test market in the Hall. This version uses the strength and robustness of T4 to overcome any challenge with a distinctive and striking look."


The truck will be posing alongside Troller's new collection of apparel [sigh], which includes "vintage style tees," watches, hats, keychains, all that good garbage. Hey, I guess it worked for Jeep? (Did it? Are any of you wearing Jeep shirts?)


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