How Would You Spend $25K On Cars?

Considering your automotive spending habits, $500 goes a long way. But what if your budget increased fifty-fold? Would you buy five cars, one car or fifty? How would you spend $25,000 on cars?

Assuming unlimited space and the unlimited patience of our friends and family, we'd easily buy at least four vehicles. First, we'll need a truck/SUV of some sort with 4x4 capability and room to haul stuff and friends. As a matter of personal taste, a late 1980s Landcruiser can be had, with working A/C, for $5,000 in good condition. For the purposes of speed and fun, a mid-1990s Miata in decent shape rarely costs over $5,000, so we'll add this to our growing fleet. There will be those moments where we want to look good and go fast, and the Jaguar XJR is fairly reliable and quick, as well as luxurious. Ben has found numerous models for around $10,000, so we think that'll get added in as well. Though we'd be better off putting the remaining $5,000 towards the inevitable repair bills, we'd much rather get something reliable, cheap and easy to park. What about a low-mileage Ford Focus ZX3?


There you have it, an easy way to spend $25,000 and get four cars.

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