The Ducati Scrambler comes in four flavors, but as I found out this week, there are no mechanical differences between them. It's the same engine, the same suspension, and the same frame holding it all together. And that means you can pull any bit from any bike to create your own. It's like a two-wheeled LEGO kit, so let's see what you can build.

Ducati doesn't have a build-your-bike site, but it has provided a few illustrations to show off the modularity of the Scrambler. Amazingly, the rendering below is almost exactly what I'd throw together.

I'm partial to the matte green on the Urban Enduro, but I'd probably start with the yellow Icon and throw on the lowered aluminum handlebars and the Termignoni slip-on. I like the swing-arm mounted plate holder, but the carbon fiber high-mount cleans things up even more. After that, I'd swap the black seat for the brown version and then ditch the aluminum tank panels in favor of the black. I might even add the belly pan protector for good measure.


Ducati's also offering tank and saddle bags, different logos, headlight surrounds, and trim bits. It's all a bit much, but the Scrambler's customization is one of its selling points. There are also three exhaust options: The dual-tipped silencer is standard on the Full Throttle, while that sweet sounding Termignoni slip-on is an option from the catalog. And yes, Ducati is even doing a high-mount, despite never offering it on the original Scrambler and nixing it on the standard model because of its propensity to burn legs when riding two-up. Still, they knew people were going to ask and they delivered.


This is just the start of what Ducati will be rolling out next year, so take a look at what's on offer and let's see what you can come up with.