Good God The Ducati Scrambler Sounds Amazing

There was never any doubt the Ducati Scrambler was going to sound good. It's using a variant of the same V-twin as the old Monster 796, which always delivered an unmistakable Italian aria once it was uncorked. But nothing prepared us for the aural delights of the new Duc with its first aftermarket can. Oh yes, the Scrambler lust is strong.

Even through a crappy smartphone mic, the Scrambler absolutely sings, burbling and popping like a V-twin chainsaw tuned by the kids at Juilliard.


The 803cc mill got a few tweaks for Scrambler duty, with the air-cooled engine benefiting from some new valve tuning (11 degrees of overlap to boost torque). Take that and push it through the optional, factory-approved Termignoni exhaust and you get this – one of the best sounding Ducatis to come out of Bologna. And our English-challenged engineer didn't even swing the revs past 3,000 RPM or so. Someone make us a ringtone.

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