How Would You Spec Your 2015 Golf Sportwagen?

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In typical Volkswagen fashion, the online configurator for the 2015 Golf Sportwagen took forever to go live. The good news is, you can now build the only manual, diesel, wagon available in the U.S. The bad news is, you can’t get it in brown. What would yours look like?


Of course this would be a lot more fun if VW would give us the choice of a Golf R wagon or even the GTD, but we will just have to make do with either the 1.8T or the TDI. While the TDI is often the default choice for most Sportwagen buyers, I really think the 1.8T S with a starting price of $22,215 provides an excellent value compared to the TDI at $25,415. In fact, you could pocket that three grand and put it towards some upgrades in the way of wheels/tires, an engine tune, and maybe some suspension bits.


Either way you pick, it’s wagons FTW!

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by the time I was done

I could have gotten one of these