I have been pretty vocal about Volkswagen's new website that was supposed to be more "tablet friendly" and mimic "dating sites." The most frustrating part for customers was that they could not "build" a car and know how much it costs. While I highly doubt VW cared about my criticism, they did fix their website.

Now you can stroll on over to VW.com and actually build your car. In an extra bit of good news you can build yourself a GTI with the Performance Package. The bad news is you cannot yet configure a Golf R nor is there any info on the upcoming MK7 Sportwagen.

Yay colors!


There is even a nice 360 degree view...so spin that sucker around.

Load it up with all the packages you want -


For real though...$34,260 for an Autobahn with DSG and everything else, at that point you really should just pony up for the R that starts at $36,595. Of course if you want the adaptive suspension on the R, that will set you back almost $40,000.

So far the site works pretty well, whether or not it will get more people into the showrooms, that remains to be seen. I just don't know why they couldn't have it operate this way from the start.