How Would You Make the Hot Wheels Movie Not Suck?

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Well, friends, it looks like Hollywood is about to take another beloved toy and turn it into a cash gra—I mean movie. But this time it’s a bit more personal for us car nuts because it is Hot Wheels that’s getting its own live-action picture. This could be awesome or terrible. What would be your ideas to make it not suck?

Details are sparse about the upcoming Hot Wheels film but our friends at io9 have reported that Mattel Films is serious about making a live action version of their famous diecast cars. This concept hits even closer to home than the Transformers films as Hot Wheels was the gateway for many of us turning into car fanatics. And some of us still continue to buy and enjoy the toys as it’s a great way to purchase all the cool cars you could never afford in real life.


We reported way back in 2016 that Justin Lin, the director and producer of several of the Fast and Furious films is signed on to direct the Hot Wheels movie. But even though Mr. Lin knows how to have fun with cars doing crazy stunts, with the wrong studio direction this movie could still be horrible.

Personally, I think they should take some influence from Toy Story and The Lego Movie and keep the cars small, have a micro world within the larger human world with cars that would be actual size of Hot Wheels. Perhaps there could be two factions of cars, the ones that are based on real models and the others that are just wild ideas. These two factions could be in conflict with each other for some silly reason.

That is as far as I got with the concept of the Hot Wheels movie, I’m sure you folks are way more creative. Let’s hear your ideas on how Hollywood should translate Hot Wheels to the big screen.