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So I’m going admit that for the longest time I liked the idea of modern McLarens, but I didn’t love them. They were all technological masterpieces, but just didn’t do it for me looks-wise. That was until the 720S. Man, do I want one.


For me, the 720S finally looks like a modern-day version of the legendary F1. The rest of McLaren’s cars were cool and fast, but there was always a something a bit awkward about some of the aesthetic cues. I get that McLaren prefers function over the drama that the Italians bring to the table, but I just wish there were style elements that were cleaner.


All of that is forgiven with the 720S, it looks both beautiful and futuristic without being unnecessarily aggressive.

The configurator is now live for you to kill several hours of productivity building your dream McLaren supercar. I prefer the wild color and carbon fiber everything approach.

What does yours look like?

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