The McLaren 720S Will Fulfill Our Wildest Science Fiction Dreams

Will the new McLaren Super Series supercar be called the 720S? Well, there’s no reason for us to believe that it won’t be! And this is but one rad-as-all-hell example of what the inside will be like.

As part of yet another teaser released today, McLaren showed us an awesome-looking dashboard with some space warrior-esque flippy shit. It’s called the Folding Driver Display, which is quite honestly a terrible name.

It should be called the DynaOptoDataMatrixx. Or the Complex Analytics Animated Vital Shield Screen. Or the Hyperviz Datamaxxx. Or the Cyberoptic Multisectional Visualmetric Integrated Communication Manifold. The Ω Module. Any of those would do, really.


And once it’s deployed, a cool and disembodied robotic voice should fill the cabin, saying “Warp Drive, engaged.”

Basically, it’s there to declutter the driver’s field of view when they Wanna Go Fast, because it increases the visibility and only includes the essential information on a strip.

If you’re at the Geneva Motor Show next week, be sure to pop over to McLaren and give this thing a whirl on your own. If they let you.

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Justin T. Westbrook