How to Restore a Sherman Tank - A Pictorial

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It's apparently forum project day here on Jalopnik. That Audi 4.2 V8 into a 1981 Lotus Esprit apparently wasn't enough, now we've got dueling banjos of hellish but staggeringly awesome projects. Try this World War 2 surplus Sherman tank restoration on for size. This thing was a mess of a wreck when our heroes started work, it didn't even have an engine. If you want to have the scale of your current project put into perspective, look though this masterwork of restoration and feel tiny by comparison. This needs to do battle with the 1/2 scale Tiger tank, wonder who would win? Just a tidbit of info as an aside - that engine in the back is both turbocharged and supercharged and they still turn out a version of it at Detroit Diesel to this very day. Tanks for the tip Schweppes []



Rob Emslie

Must be nice for deer hunting.