Kettering University Student Builds Half-Scale Tiger Tank

One of the students at one of our alma mater, engineering-centric Kettering University in Flint, Michigan, has gone and stepped up to the tank driving plate, building a half-scale diesel-powered Tiger tank. We'd be lying if we didn't admit to more than a little bit of jealousy. Especially when the tank compounds the awesomeness by being created for paintball battles so it's equipped with a live air cannon for firing packs of paint ball rounds. Sure, they're not live fire shells, but it'll do the trick. Will Foster, we salute you for raising the bar higher than we saw it lifted in Flint in quite some time, and we're assuming you no longer worry about the minor issues that troubled us during our time spent in these ivy-covered halls. You know, things like parking during happy hour at Rubes, tuition prices and well, pretty much anything. We can assume life on campus is so much more easy when you're staring at it from up atop a mini-Tiger. (h/t to Adam Leech!) [MLive]


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