How To Pawn Your Old Daewoo Off On Some Other Idiot

Unlike other dead brands, offloading a Daewoo these days is tricky business. While there are some truly desirable Oldsmobiles, Pontiacs, Triumphs, or Saabs out there, no one in their right mind gets up in the morning and says "I want to buy a Daewoo today."

What do you do if you're listing your "awe-inspiring" 1999 Daewoo Nubira wagon on Craigslist? Make it self-deprecating, of course. Unfortunately, it's been flagged for removal, but we caught a screenshot for your viewing pleasure.


The owner of this depressingly brown Nubira is offering it up for just $2,500. It's also cleverly parked in Beverly Hills, even though it should be conspicuous among the fleets of BMWs and Mercedes that usually roam those streets.

"I have had a terrible time in this car," the seller writes. Yeah, that's for motivated buyers. The ad continues with great lines like, "I'm sick of people giving me compliments about how beautiful this is and how practical it is. The engine is such a wonderful piece of engineering that PhDs are constantly pulling me over to ask for advice on internal combustion."

If you drove a Daewoo, I'd also feel inclined to pick your brain on engines, or what you were possibly thinking when you bought this over all other used cars.


As tempting as this car sounds in this ad, I'm not going to bite. But maybe there's someone so wooed by this Daewoo they'll spend $2,500 on this… thing.

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