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You're at a car show and an awesome car drives past. You're walking down the street and you see a Ferrari F40. You're at a race and a driver makes a crazy pass. Excellent, but did you screw up your cameraphone video?


Now that everyone has a video camera in their pocket, just about any cool thing that any car does anywhere in the world is recorded. We saw that today when a single rally car on a single corner in a single rally was video'd doing a badass and very lucky 360 degree spin into a corner.

Reader klurejr was just as impressed by the cameraman as he was by the driver.

I would like to give a quick shout out to the person who edited this video before posting it to youtube to cut out all the boring stuff in-between that he filmed.

It seems to me that lately there has been a rash of videos posted up that have some cool stuff in them, but you have to wait until a min of boring roadway goes by before you get to the good stuff, or the video was taken on an iphone in the vertical position instead of the correct horizontal position.

So to the person who filmed this and edited out the boring crap, BRAVO!

Isuzufan added another gripe about most amateur car videos online.

What's worse for me are those videos by people who think of themselves as artists. You have to wait through 5 minutes of slo-mo "establishing" shots overdubbed with overly dramatic music before you can see the 10-second clip that was advertised.


SnapUndersteer pointed out that it is usually (and unfortunately) dubstep, but Crown Victor Victoria made the final conclusion.

It's also in landscape! This is the youtube holy grail!

So there you go, people. Remember these simple steps so you don't make really awful videos of really amazing cars.

  • edit out the boring stuff
  • don't make a long intro
  • don't use ultra-dramatic music when you don't need it
  • turn your phone sideways so it shoots in landscape

Perfect! Now find some cool cars and don't screw things up.

Photo Credit: Pawel Trela

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