How To Get A Free Trackside Seat At Austin's New Formula 1 Race

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Formula One is making its triumphant return to the Unites States this November, and we know how you can get trackside at the United States Grand Prix without paying a dime. There's just one catch.

The Circuit of the Americas in Austin — home of the USGP — is taking volunteer race marshals for the big race. The whole application is online at the Circuit of the Americas website.

Here's the catch: You need experience working races since at least 2009. The application form states specifically:



The job starts on Tuesday, November 13th and will run at least through the race weekend. It's 226 days until the USGP, so quit your job and apply for this race marshal position already! You don't have much time!

(Hat tip to Chairman Kaga!)

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Spiegel - ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - Hopes to post on oppos!

Marshalling Resume to be submitted to the USGP, April 6 2012.

Spiegel Melonjello Hernandez Q. Batman Esq.

Years of experience: 24

1987-1989: Marshal of the world renounced Rad Racer Racing Circuit.

1991-1995: Marshal of the well known F-Zero racing league, Daytona Nascar league as well as the Super Mario Kart 150CC class. Highest class there is in the Mushroom Kingdom.

1996-2000: Marshal for the still running Mario Kart 64 and the now defucnt Diddy Kong Racing and Gran Turismo 1 racing leagues.

2000-2005: Marshal of the Midnigh Club racing series as well as the Mario Kart racing league known as Double Dash and the second and third generation of the Need for Speed series as well as the Gran Turismo racing league.

2006-now: Marshal of the Mario Kart 7, GT4, GT5, Aspec among other Races.

Marshal Responsibilities

-Making sure all drivers follow the rules of the game.

-Making sure drivers do not veer off course.

-Making sure drivers go forward instead of reverse.

-Give penalties when players are looking at other players screens.

-Penalize players who abuse the red shell as well as the golden mushroom.

-Make sure there's enough Mt. Dew before, during and after the race.

-Make sure that the batteries in the controllers are new to avoid any "I lost the race because I ran out of batteries" whining from competitors.

-Getting laid.

Should you require my 15 page resume I can send it to you with no issues.

My email is

I expect to hear from you soon.