GIF via SeboT14

Fall is upon us, and as such, pool season is coming to an end. How do you drain all that gross tepid water that’s slowly becoming a giant mosquito farm? Easy! Just build a jump and find an old SUV you don’t care about.

These enterprising Canadians knew winter was coming. Pretty soon, the grass would be covered in frost and that pool would turn a more nauseating shade of green. The pool must be drained.

Fortunately, these dudes possessed an early-model Hyundai Santa Fe—a cheap truck that ticked the box if you needed something big to cover in crayon dust and spilled Cheerios, but has since become a footnote in the beaterverse.

These dudes built a jump right into their pool for the Santa Fe to land on, thus allowing large quantities of water to rush out in one fell swoop. The key is to build a sturdy jump, however. Sometimes you can’t drain the pool completely in only one jump.


“This is a hold my beer kind of situation,” said a man off-screen.

Indeed it is, but sometimes madness is the ultimate form of genius.