Screencap via mohohunter15

Fortunately, you don’t need access to a demolition derby or even a ridiculously huge jump to enact redneck-grade destruction on the beater of your choice. All you need are a bunch of car parts laying around, some of which you can use as a ramp.

This poor Pontiac Grand Am has clearly seen better days, wearing spray-painted decor that wouldn’t be out of place at The Gathering of the Juggalos along with some kind of fan-thing sticking out of the hood.

So, some enterprising lunatics with more junk than space or sense built a
ramp out of old car parts and body panels for the car to jump. The car sort of makes it through, but not without a hard landing that pops its airbags in the process.

We recommend removing the airbags before trying this with a later-model car, for obvious shrapnel-flinging reasons. Remember, kids: safety third!


(Better yet, don’t try this at home at all. These dudes aren’t professionals, but they were kind enough to upload it to YouTube for our collective amusement.)