How To Drive Properly Explained In One Simple Graphic

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Sometimes you just have to appreciate a nice, clear concept, delivered clearly. With clarity. This little flowchart of How To Drive Properly has been floating around on the Internet and Twitter for some time, but we thought it was worth making a nice clean version.


It's just a few basic questions, and two useful outcomes. In fact, maybe this could be printed on dashboards like shift patterns once were. So, even though I'm absolutely certain everyone reading this drives perfectly, every day, forever, enjoy.

(Thanks to everyone for sending this in!)


i disagree. i live in the left lane. i drive faster than anyone behind me. if, for some reason, someone actually does catch up to me, i usually wait until they get close to me to move over, for fear of moving over to the right when they wildly pass me doing 120mph and hit me from behind.