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How To Copy A $20,000 Mercedes Paint Job With Plasti Dip

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(Image Credit:

I’m sure you remember the mighty Mercedes G500 4x4² we took to the Mint 400 with the $20,000 Hochglanz-Elektrolichtstrahl paint job I dragged through the Nevada desert. Well, if you went as crazy for that color as I did, you might want to check out this cheap version.

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The creative crew over at DipYourCar, which specializes in coming up with interesting ways to apply the rubberized color coating known as Plasti Dip and similar products to vehicles, claim they have made “the brightest car in the world.”


They actually might have done it. If not, this retinal assault highlighter yellow has got to be damn close. And I promise I did not touch the saturation knob on the photo above.

You can see the specifics of the chemical formula that the DIY crew used to make this color in the video. Looking at it more closely, it seems to be just a touch more “green” while the Mercedes it reminded me of is more “yellow.” I still think there’s a strong resemblance.

Both wage a pretty aggressive war against your eyeballs, anyway. And I’m not going to lie, I dig them both.

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I believe that color is called “WITNESS ME”.