Mixing Dark And Light Plasti Dips Made This Surprisingly Cool Color

(All images via DipYourCar)

I’m pretty sure throwing a gallon of black paint into a gallon of yellow paint would just leave you with... two gallons of black. Not so with this removable coating stuff though– it turned into a pretty fantastic copper/brown/dirty gold I’ve never seen before.

Some of you regular readers may be aware of my irrational fascination with Plasti Dip, the sprayable removable rubberizing surface-coater that’s become fashionable as a paint-alternative to cover car parts with in the last couple years.


Since I also love cars-as-art, I’m always excited to see how experiments with Plasti Dip and other similar substances come out. In this video here, you can see what happens when you dump a gallon of black into a gallon of pearl top coat colorized with “Wu Tang Yellow.” The whole mixture was sprayed over six-layers of a black coating on this Evo X, and the result looks like an ancient piece of diving equipment. Or decorative trim in a bank in the 1920's. If my imagination isn’t connecting with yours, just look at it:


One of my favorite Plasti Dip experiments so far. I think it’d look especially killer with orange trim and/or stickers. Who’s into it?

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