How To Completely Destroy Your Impala At A Car Show

Car shows! They're all fun and games until somebody shows up, drives like an idiot, and completely trashes his car in front of everyone.

That's exactly what happened Saturday at this car meet in Troutdale, Oregon near Portland. A source who was at the meet tells us the driver of a stock white Impala decided to floor it while leaving, swerved to miss another car, hit the curb, went airborne, slammed the nose into the ground and made it inadvertently hellaflush.


What's more, our tipster tells us he had an AR-15 rifle in the car that was allegedly stolen. Oh well, better to do it in an Impala than a Ferrari FF.

Check out a video of the wrecked Impala on Facebook.

UPDATE: A man named Oscar, claiming to be the car's owner, had this to say:

So the gun is not stollen [sp], it's mine. I did not try to avoid a car. Yea I was going fast and my car was on a bad Control arm that's where the swerve came from. It broke not the turn and dragged my car into the side walk which made me catch some air, then hit the sign on I-84 part. I will tell you what happens to the car


(Hat tip to Greg!)

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