Canyon carving, aka tickling your knee, isn't for the motorcycling noob. Many a would-be Valentino has found himself soaring headlong into the Santa Ana winds, on the way to being smashed into anchovy paste on the granite face of a San Jacinto batholith. Here's how not to do that.


On this week's episode of RideApart, Wes Siler — also Jalopnik's leader in locum tenens — and Isle of Man TT "racer" Jamie Robinson take us on a how-to journey near Idyllwild, California on a Yamaha R6 and an Aprilia Tuono V4 R. How good are the bikes at traversing the serpentine canyon roadways? We'll soon find out.


Also, just to clarify, the "how-to" is canyon carving, the "us" is whoever's got the cojones to try and keep up, on what could easily become the ultimate Two Wheels Bad adventure. Naturally, taking the vicarious route isn't bad either. And safer.

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