The Morning Shift: Revving Up Edition

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The Morning ShiftAll your daily car news in one convenient place. Isn't your time more important?

If you missed his announcement, the great Ray Wert, my mentor and our car-humping leader, will cease to be Editor-in-Chief on June 1st as he moves up to a position deep within the Gawker Media borg.


Ray made this car website with the funny name into a powerhouse and to do honor to his legacy we have to keep making it better. I'm taking a couple of weeks off before I take control of the greatest automotive news source in the world, but I leave you in the capable hands of Wes Siler and Mike Spinelli.


I've got big plans for the site and you'll see the first steps we're taking the first full week of June when we relaunch TMS with an exciting new contributor. Until then, TMS is going on hiatus.

We're not shifting into neutral — we'll still be bringing you all the important reveals, surprising rumors, and bizarre news — we're just revving up for June.

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I suggest you revamp The Morning Shift by taking Mobile Nation's lead and getting an Esquedaish Jaloopnik to read the top 6 articles.