How Tightly Packaged Is Red Bull's 2015 F1 Car?


By all appearances, Red Bull's RB11 is about as tightly packaged as possible, with sidepods that only barely envelop the Renault turbo V6.


Look at those sidepods!

Craig Scarborough aka ScarbsF1 recently discussed how this all works, and why Red Bull would want to hem in what appears to be the hottest and most difficult to cool engine on the grid.

This has already caused some problems, with Red Bull recording not very many laps in testing and suffering a number of issues that took hours and hours to fix, as Formula Freak points out. This is leaving off the whole front wing thing.


No surprise that we're looking at a potentially fast, extremely tight, somewhat unreliable car — this is a Newey design. This is what we could call the last Adrian Newey Red Bull, or the last Newey F1 car, really. He's stepping away from such an active role as designer after this 2015 car.


Still, the rear end on this car is a thing of beauty. Few vehicles have ever done coke bottle styling to such an extreme.


Photo Credits: Getty Images

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