How the Mighty Have Fallen: 30-Mile Porsche 911 R Estimated to Take Measly $375,000 at Auction

Do you remember the Porsche 911 R? The first one on sale in the U.S. was listed for nearly $700,000 in late 2016. It didn’t take long for secondhand 911 Rs to start demanding over $1 million. But now, just a couple of years later, the 911 R is estimated to go for the dirt-cheap cost of just $375,000 at auction.

This specific 911 R is number 749 of the 991 produced by Porsche, and one of 296 cars sent to the U.S. It was delivered to a California dealer in 2016, where it spent most of its time wasting away, presumably just a showroom trophy collecting dust, save for a few dozen miles. Days, weeks, months passed, and down went its value.


And now it’s going to be wheeled out in front of a jeering, jaded crowd, overexposed to its incredible performance and standout looks, shrugged off to the highest bidder at estimates ranging from just $325,000 to $375,000 at the RM Sotheby’s auction in Monterey later this month.

This green stripe over black, factory-condition faded icon doesn’t deserve this. And now somebody won’t treat it with the same respect as whoever paid closer to a million for theirs. It’s too bad.

That is until prices shoot right back up in however many years and the lucky bidder manages a massive profit.


Via CarScoops

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