How police used Facebook to catch this insane 182 mph speeder

Belgian police tracked down this speeder after he posted a video online of a 182mph joyride in a $257,000 Aston Martin. Thanks to the car's rarity, police easily identified his license plate from other Facebook videos. Now he faces losing his license and the car.

Those gleaming, proud numbers on the speedometer could cost him not just his license and $4,774 in fines, but also his car, valued at around $257,000. The police were able to identify the driver's license plate number by checking through other videos of the special edition Aston Martin V12 Vantage Carbon Black the speeder had posted on Facebook. It's as if the damning evidence was just being streamed straight from the passenger seat to police computers.


These days, it's not just public roads that are too small for supercars; the whole internet is getting too small for their speed. He might have enjoyed 15 anonymous minutes of fame and then faded away like any other viral street racer, were it not for his idiocy in posting other videos of himself online.

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