How Much Should Driver's Education Cost?

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I found out that if you really want to learn how to drive in the US, you have to pay your way into rally school. I think it's worth it, but is there a better way?


While I was moaning about how US driver's ed teaches you who has right of way at a four-way stop sign, but not what to do when a deer jumps into the road, reader Bedrulf pointed out that the system has at least one plus.

I agree that driver education in the US is inadequate but you should count yourself lucky. I can speak from first-hand experience since I have both an American and a Norwegian license. In Norway it is the total opposite; there is a buttload of mandatory courses and tests to take and a license to operate a regular car (under 3.5 tons/7700lbs, no trailer) will usually end up costing 3-4000 USD. If you need to drive something that weighs 26,000 lbs (like you can with a regular license in the US) you can add another 3-4000 USD. If you want to drive with a trailer you can add some more. If you want a motorcycle license you can add another 3-4000 USD. I think driver education in Norway is ridiculously expensive and in the US it's ridiculously cheap and too simple.

Something in between would be nice.

Dreygata agreed and wanted a tiered system, though the cost didn't come up.

I completely concur.

I would love for there to be multiple requirements and tests (like vehicles based on weight, maybe for trailers...), mainly because people think a full sized pickup will handle the same as a Smart Car in every situation. Yes, in general things are the same; gas is on the right, brake is on the left (middle for stick and clutch on left), but that's pretty much it. They may perform the same, I don't know, up to about 20-30 mph, but that's about it.

In addition to multiple tests for different vehicles, I'd also like to add refresher tests around every 10 years. A lot of things change, and are forgotten, over 10 years...


So now I'm wondering - does any country get its driver's ed right? How much should it cost to get a comprehensive program? What kind of driver's ed did you do and how much did it cost?

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove