How Much Lube Ya Need? Ask Patty Interviews The Oil-Jockeys Of "The First All-Female Lube Shop"

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

If you haven't yet sampled the advice of the ladies at Ask Patty, you'll probably want to after reading this. It's an advisory panel of women automotive experts headed up by NASCAR rubbing-is-racin' driver Deborah Renshaw. And lucky for us, they've gone ahead and done an interview (which we kind of feel may require a follow-up interview...or two...of our own) with the lube-lovin' ladies of the self-proclaimed "first all-female owned and operated fast lube shop." The name of the Easley, South Carolina lube shop is Dip Stick Fast Lube — and all jokes aside, they've got a pretty cool business strategy. We'll let Lori Miller, the owner, give you her tale after the jump.

" I originally came up with the idea for Dipstick a little over two years and until my dream was realized I thought about it non-stop. I have to give total credit for the idea after the engine blew in my Dodge Durango. I had the oil changed and the car was serviced every 3,000 miles and I was trusting mechanics I took my vehicle to time and time again to actually be servicing my car as they should have. I would take my car to them; I would sit in the lobby thumbing through magazines as my car would disappear for about half an hour. Little did I know absolutely nothing was being done to my car. After the damage was done was when I found out it wasn't being serviced. Four thousand dollars later, and completely disgusted with all male mechanics, is when the idea hit me that a woman needed to open up a car maintenance business and never treat their customers the way I was treated."


Preach it sister, and we wish ya well — we need more women like you running a business that won't treat the fairer and smarter 50% of the population like they're second-class citizens. We know all of you are looking for more information on the company for "research purposes" — so check them out through Ask Patty. And quit yer oggling!

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