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We used to go to get our oil changed at this little quickie lube down in Dearborn just because of the gorgeous brunette there who serviced our engine — and, well — we'll leave the rest of the innuendo to your imagination. And if you're a guy who loves cars — you know there's nothing hotter than female mechanics. That's why we're excited to hear about an enterprising young photographer hailing from the Bluegrass State named Sarah Lyon. Sarah's looking to use hot and one would hope half-naked greaser gals to break down social stereotypes with a twist on the pin-up calendars gracing the nation's auto shops.

How's she going to do it? Glad you asked. Sarah's gonna be making her own pin-up calendar and she's looking for female mechanics to paste on the pages of a 12-month calendar highlighting not just their bodies, but their status as peers to male mechanics. As the photog herself says:

"While working in motorcycle shops and at other labor jobs, I have noticed an almost universal collection of calendars. These 'girlie' calendars typically feature barely clothed women spread out on cars or motorcycles, often holding a tool. Shops often receive these 'tool-girl' calendars as marketing for the brand of tool. In my calendar, I want to create empowering documentary portraits that show women in the shop atmosphere, using or surrounded by their own tools and working on their own projects. The calendar will be offered to shops as an alternative to the typical pin-up calendar, as evidence that there actually are women working in these fields."

You go, girl! And...if you're looking for an assistant at shoots — feel free to count us in.


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